TheScarms(tm) AppSentinel lets you quickly and easily create evaluation versions of your software and stop unauthorized copying and unregistered use of your programs!

Create Safe and Secure Trial, Demo, Evaluation or Rental Versions of Your Software

  • Evaluation versions will have trialware functionality like the number of days or number of runs1 left and checking to see if the system clock was turned back!

  • Evaluation versions of your applications can be turned into the full, non-expiring version by entering a Registration ID. This functionality can be added to your Windows software whether it is an .EXE, .DLL, COM component, Excel application...

  • AppSentinel simplifies application rental! Your application can expire at regular intervals. Users will have to re-register with you to renew their subscription and use your application for another period.

Copy Protect Your Software and Prevent Sharing of Your Software

  • Reliably prevent the unlicensed use of your application! Users will not be able to copy and run your program on another computer.

  • If your application is copied to another PC it will expire when its trial period ends. The user must contact you and officially register the application on that computer.

  • Attempts to use registration information from a licensed copy of your application in another copy of your program will fail! The special Registration ID required to unlock your application is generated from an Evaluation ID and Machine ID. Because these values are unique to a specific computer, Registration IDs cannot be copied!

What is AppSentinel?

  • AppSentinel is a COM component2 (ActiveX DLL) that can easily be incorporated into your application regardless of the programming language used.

  • AppSentinel is an insurance policy for your programs. AppSentinel provides software copy protection to eliminate illegal and unauthorized use of your programs. AppSentinel protects your software by forcing unregistered copies to expire and stop running.

  • AppSentinel is an add in that let's you easily create evaluation or rental versions of your applications. AppSentinel contains all necessary date logic and functionality.

Why Use AppSentinel?

  • So you don't lose sales of your applications to software pirates! You worked hard developing your software and don't want people to use it without paying for it! AppSentinel copy protects your programs so only registered versions will run on registered computers. Applications using AppSentinel that are copied but not registered will stop running after a specified trial period.

  • Use AppSentinel to let people try your program before they buy it. Adding AppSentinel to your application adds all the typical trialware features. Users can evaluate your software for a limited time before it expires. They can then unlock it once they register it.

  • Using AppSentinel let's you focus on developing your application! No need to write your own trialware or rental logic or worry about protecting your software. AppSentinel contains all the logic necessary to create evaluation and rental versions of your applications and to stop unlicensed use of your programs.

1 The ability to limit your application's trial period by the number of runs and the application rental functionality is not available in AppSentinel Lite.

2 AppSentinel is a COM DLL written in Visual Basic 6.0 SP6. It requires the Visual Basic runtime be distributed with your application.

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