And I have tried most of the sauces out there! I love hot sauces! I have always loved hot sauces. Not just spicy ones but the - mouth burning, eye watering, intense pain, man why did I eat that - ones! Here are some of the very hottest habanero based hot sauces you can get.

In my opinion there is not a tremendous difference in their heat levels. If you do the toothpick test you may notice a difference. In real life I use as much as I can get on a chicken wing. At that quantity they're all super hot The distinguishing feature is their taste (yea right!) I like Mad Dog and Da'Bomb the best and Possible Side Effects the least.

If it is not intense searing pain, it's not hot enough!

The only things hotter are the pure extracts.

Tell me about your favorite hot sauce!

You Must Be Mad! (9 peppers)


Mad Dog Inferno Sauce (89,500 scoville units)

Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce

This is one of the hotter sauces and one of my favorites. Its heat ramps up fast and lasts and lasts. Just what you want in a sauce. It is meant to be used in cooking and not to be consumed directly. Myself, I use it right out of the bottle.

Most sauces this hot have that pure extract taste. The added molasses is a nice touch. Ashley Food Company says "Raging with fire, this sauce will blow your mind. Watch out. It bites back." I agree.

Although it is rated higher than Dave's Insanity in terms of scoville units I don't think it is quite as hot. Without a doubt it is a strong competitor.

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Dangerously Hot (10 peppers)


Dave's Insanity Sauce (80,000 scoville units)

Dave's Insanity sauce

Dave's Gourmet says Dave's Insanity is The Hottest Sauce in the Universe. It was the only sauce banned from hot sauce competitions for being too hot! Although it is excruciatingly hot and once was the standard by which all others were judged, Dave now has plenty of competition.

It is still one of the hottest. Not for the faint hearted! A few drops on a chip and you'll be sweating in no time. At first you don't feel its heat and may think about using more - Don't. It builds up slowly until your throat's on fire and you are left wondering why you did such a stupid thing.

Even hotter is Dave's Ultimate Insanity which will knock you out with one punch. This sauce smells like a super Habanero. WARNING: Use this product one drop at a time. Keep away from eyes, pets and children. Not for people with heart or respiratory problems. This is an insanely spicy and delicious cooking ingredient and should be used diluted (with oil) or in soups, sauces, or dressings. Enjoy!" 2002 National Champion XXX Hot Category at the National Fiery Food Challenge/ Chile Pepper Magazine. Ingredients: Red Habaneros, tomato sauce, hot pepper extract, onions, Red Chile peppers, garlic, cane vinegar, vegetable oil and spices.

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Da'Bomb - Beyond Insanity (120,000 scoville units)

Da'Bomb Hot Sauce

This sauce is The Hottest on Earth!! Wicked beyond belief!! BEYOND INSANITY according to Original Juan. Obviously it is aimed directly at Dave's Insanity sauce. Pure habanero peppers enhanced with habanero infused flavor creates a sauce measured in Millions of scoville units.

Is it Beyond Insanity? I personally don't think so. You will not be disappointed in its burn or taste.

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Mad Dog Inferno 1999 Limited Reserve (150,000 scoville units)

EXTREME HEAT LEVEL "150,000 SCOVILLE UNITS" One of the most deadly sauces on the planet - 150,000 scoville units - HPLC Certified. Habanero Chile Extract is added for even more heat and flavor. Ingredients include unsulphated molasses blended with Jalapeno peppers, garlic, onions, red wine vinegar, clove and oleoresin capsicum. Over 70 times hotter than Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce. This sauce has a great taste due to the molasses and like they say on the bottle, Will Blow Your Mind! Visit their site


Da'Bomb - Ground Zero (234,000 scoville units)
This scary concoction picks up where Da'Bomb - Beyond Insanity leaves off. Just in case you thought it couldn't get any hotter - guess what? It can. This sauce is definitely wicked beyond belief. I don't know about you but when I use it all I feel is FIRE. I never seem to detect the supposed pineapple flavor. Visit their site


Dave's Insanity Private Reserve

Dave's Insanity Private Reserve

This is a limited edition sauce from Dave's Gourmet. Each bottle is hand signed, numbered and dated by Dave and comes in a wooden coffin wrapped.

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Blair's Possible Side Effects (283,000 scoville units)

Blair's Possible Side Effects

Another super hot sauce from Blair's. This one was created in conjunction with the Fox Network show "Possible Side Effects" Close to 300,000 scoville units! Peppers.com says it is almost too hot for the toothpick test.

Pour it on a buffalo wing and go for it! If your butt doesn't bleed the next morning, you didn't use enough. I wonder if that was the side effect they had in mind? Its hot but has the same horrible taste as the other death sauces from Blair.

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Da'Bomb - Final Answer (1,500,000 scoville units per bottle)
This is the hottest in the Da'Bomb line and is a scorching 1.5 million scoville units! It is not meant for direct consumption but is to be used as a food additive although I like it spread on sandwiches, mixed in salsa, ... It is habanero based, of course, with apricot nectar, garlic and mustard flour for flavoring. Visit their site


Mad Dog 357 (357,000 scoville units)
This one Will shoot your mouth down in flames and is packed with 357,000 Scoville units of heat. One hit and this sauce will blow you away! It's blended with ingredients that make a sauce fit to take your breath away. 2002 National Fiery Food Show, 3rd place Best Super Hot Label Category. 2001 FDM National Hot Sauce, Salsa & Chutney Competition, won 1st Place in Supper Hot Sauce Category. Ingredients: vinegar, chile extract, evaporated cane juice, fresh Habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 scoville Cayenne peppers and spices.

Pour it on a buffalo wing and go for it! If your butt doesn't bleed the next morning, you didn't use enough. I wonder if that was the side effect they had in mind? Its hot but has the same horrible taste as the other death sauces from Blair. Visit their site