I've rated these hot sauces as Moderate. In my opinion, they are hot but not mouth melting, tongue burning, searing heat (well, depending on the dosage). I'd say most people can handle the spicy ones but it takes a rare bread enjoy the hotter sauces towards the bottom of the page.

The 7+ pepper ones offer a scoville heat level that is sure to satisfy. Remember, the more you use, the hotter they are!

Sauces are shown from spicy to possibly dangerous. Scroll down for more heat!

Spicy  (4 peppers)

Habanero Tabasco Sauce (7,000 scoville units)
McIlhenny's habanero sauce has a taste that I love. It is better tasting than most habanero sauces although it is not very hot, only slightly spicier than the standard Tabasco sauce! Visit their site

Kato's Island Sauce
Made with Habanero and Cayenne peppers and loads of tropical Mangos. This sauce has a perfect balance of sweet and heat. Kato's Island Sauce is a local legend in South Florida and a National Award winner (runner-up at the Chile Pepper Magazine's 2000 Fiery Food Challenge).

It is not a mega-hot sauce but is one of the best tasting that I have ever tried.

Pleasure & Pain XXX Rated Hot Sauce
"How hot do you like it" asks this sauce from Lil-Nas-Tees Foods. I like it hotter. Made with Cayenne pepper it has a nice taste and a medium heat level. "Step right up if you think you can handle it. This naughty little sauce is going to hurt you with the pleasure of an endorphin rush. You got to have it" claims their label. It hurts go good!

Shotgun Willie's 2 Barrel Habanero Hotter 'n Hell Sauce XXXX
Willies has a very good taste and is pleasantly spicy. Hotter 'n Hell it is not.

Mad Dog Liquid Fire Hot Sauce
What an awesome taste! Use this great product on chicken or ribs on the grill and it will give them a fantastic taste and just the right amount of spice. Scrumptious Combustion according to Ashley Foods. Not nearly as hot as their Inferno sauces, not even Howling Hot as they claim but it is definitely a must try sauce.

The 'S' Blend
A very tasty sauce from W. Parris and Sons.

Tongues of Fire
By Garden Row foods. The Unspeakably Hot Sauce. Personally, I would not speak the word hot when talking about this sauce. However, Garden Row also makes their famed Pure Cap which is a 500,000 scoville unit extract.

Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas Hot Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas Hot
Inhalation Hazard - May cause nasal hairs to combust. Extremely Hot - Use With Caution. Despite these warnings and the opinions of a few friends, I rate this a 3 at best. I don't know, I tried it over and over and just don't feel any real burn. Anyway, this mustard sauce comes in a metal canister that looks like it actually might contain mustard gas. This fiery inferno contains mustard, vinegar, water, garlic powder, onion powder, mustard oil, pepper extract, salt and sugar.

The Undertaker
WOOWEE That's Hot! Habanero based with a touch of bourbon. Danger! Extremely Hot says the label although I give it a 4 at most. "You won't quickly forget your experience with The Undertaker! Its flavor surpasses any hot sauce on the market. But Beware! It's one of the hottest available. You may need more than one loaf of bread to take away the heat" according to Bill's friend, Tom Palmerino. I don't quite agree.

Spicier  (5 peppers)

Scorned Women (5,900 scoville units)
This sauce provides a quick sensation that lasts. I rate its heat level as a 5 but its vinegar taste is off the scale. This sauce would be a lot tastier if they toned down the vinegar. Hell hath no fury.... Beware the scorned woman!

Sachs Brand Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce
This Sachs Scotch Bonnet is crammed full of fresh garlic & cumin. Its full bodied yet smooth mild taste is filled with smokey hints of oak. It is probably the best tasting hot sauce I have ever tried! Pick up a bottle from Rickie's Red Hot, Milford, CT.

Heidi Jo's Sun Melting Hot Sauce
This habanero based sauce by Heidi Jo is great! It has the typical fruity habanero taste with a slight bite. The label says: If you know anybody who ever complained there's never any sauce hot enough for them, Heidi Jo's Sun Melting Hot Sauce just might be the one. If this doesn't do the trick their taste buds must be melted! Well, my taste buds are definitely melted because I don't think it is nearly "hot enough to melt the sun". It's by Heidi Jo, Derry NH.

Orange Krush - The Habanero Sauce
Warning - Experienced Chili Heads Only! By Sauce Crafters, Inc . It is rated by them as Very Hot. Although it won 1-st place in the 4th Annual FDM Hot Sauce Shoot-Out - Insane Heat Division in 1997, it won't scorch your mouth. I give it a 5. It's a nice tasting sauce that you can enjoy with a bag of chips. Ingredients: Habanero, vinegar, salt, celery seed, mustard, red pepper, black pepper, bay leaf, clove, allspice, ginger, mace, cardamom, cinnamon & paprika


XXX Calypso Hot
Hot Hot Hot! . . . Just like the Tropics. Sunny Caribbee's XXX CALYPSO HOT is a liquid heat that adds "zing to any 'ting ". A wonderful addition to "bland" BBQ, Salsa's. . . XXX contains a touch of Habanero Pepper and can be used for a mild Heat level. It has a fantastic taste that will make any dish better!

Undertaker Hot Sauce
The Undertaker by Montego Bay is one of the better tasting hot sauces that you can put on just about anything. It has just the right level of heat where it is tasty but not overpowering. This is despite it's claim that it is made from Naga Buht Jolokia peppers - the world's hottest. Visit them at BurnMeGood.com Try it! Your coffin is waiting!

Mildly Hot  (6 peppers)

Martha's Vineyard's Original Hot Peppa Sauce
A specialty item by Mr. G's Gourmet, this peppa has a great taste and a nice amount of heat as well. Where the sauce meets the soul.

Dave's Total Insanity Sauce

Dave's Total Insanity Sauce (48,700 scoville units)
Another fine sauce from Dave. For those who are used to the heat of the original Dave's Insanity Sauce you will find this one considerably milder. But its gourmet garlicky flavor makes this a great sauce!

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Hotter  (7 peppers)

Blair's After Death Sauce (49,250 scoville units)

Blair's After Death Sauce

Anything that comes in a bottle with a skull attached to it has to be deadly. This sauce is one of a family death sauces from Gardner Resources, Inc. Their Sudden Death is a bit hotter but not by much. After Death has a stronger capsaicin flavor than most sauces made from habanero extract. Very long lasting effect. Feel Alive!

For the absolute hottest habanero extract try their 3:00 AM Reserve. You must sign a waiver to buy it. It is rated at an unbelievable 2,000,000 scoville units which is 4 times higher than Pure Cap.

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Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion by Southwest Specialty Foods

According to Southwest Specialty Foods it was created for the true pyromaniac. The one who says nothing is too hot for me. This sauce gives an instant burn just as its name implies. Your mouth will Spontaneously Combust when you try this sauce. Definitely a winner.

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Slap My Ass and Call Me Sally - The Slap Heard around the World

Slap My Ass and Call Me Sall - The Slap Heard around the World

The hottest condiment on earth! according to Chet who produces a line of Slap My Ass sauces. It is hot but has the same kind of taste as Endorphin Rush - I don't like it! I like the heat but not the taste which overpowers anything you put this sauce on. According to the label: WARNING: EXTREMELY HOT! Use with extreme caution. Use one drop at a time. Keep away from children and pets. Wash after use. Do not use if you have heart or respiratory problems. This has the hottest ingredients known to man. So hot in fact that one taste will leave your head spinning, your knees knocking and your mouth shouting, "Well,Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally!!" - Chet. Made with tomato paste, pepper extract, vinegar, molasses, soy sauce and salt.

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Steak Sizzler Restaurant Horseradish at Hershey Park, PA
I know, its not a hot sauce but it was so good I had to include it. Horseradish gives off a different type of heat. Its like sniffing ammonia, it burns your nose not your mouth.

I loaded up a steak sandwich with horseradish thinking it would be really mild. Man was I surprised!! This stuff was hot! The only horseradish I had that was hotter was when I used to grind my own fresh from the garden.

When you think its too hot, make it hotter!