About TheScarms(tm)

About TheScarms

TheScarms(tm) contains primarily older Visual Basic and C# related programming information. I am a software developer by trade and when I come across something I think would benefit other programmers I add it to this web site. TheScarms also contains some info about my passion for really hot hot sauces. This is a personal site. I get nothing out of it except the satisfaction of helping others!

TheScarms Visual Basic and C# pages are dedicated to providing solutions to hard to solve programming issues and topics that most developers commonly struggle with. Most of the classic VB 6.0 pages cover the types of problems that are difficult or impossible to solve with Visual Basic alone. As a result, many of them rely heavily on Microsoft Windows API functions.

Ninety nine percent of the material on TheScarms was written by me. It was developed either as part of a project I was working on at the time, or because I received a lot of requests for the particular topic, or simply because it intrigued me.

Many of my samples have been published in several distinguished Visual Basic news letters and very reputable publications. Each sample has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. My code has shown up in applications world wide! I always chuckle when a friend informs me they were working on an application for company XYZ and came across references to TheScarms in their code.

About Me

TheScarms After high school I started my working career as an Optician. Five years later I realized that was not what I wanted to do. I enrolled in college and obtained a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering. Initially, I wanted to work in the Electrical Engineering field, but I soon realized it was software development that I truly enjoyed. I continued my schooling up to just shy of completing my masters in Computer Science.

I have been developing software since 1981 and have used; .NET Core, ReactJS, Redux, AWS, PCF, MVC, Razor, jQuery, Require.js, C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, XML, XSL, CSS, SASS, Web API, PowerBuilder, C, Java Script, SQL, SQR, FOCUS, Assembler, PL/I, REXX, Fortran, Lisp, PASCAL, PowerFlex, COBOL, FOCUS, and many other languages. I have programmed under Windows, Unix, HP-UX, MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, DEC VM, and various other platforms and have worked with every major database you can think including DB2, Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, Miscrosoft Access, FoxPro,...

The breadth of applications I have authored or been involved with is enormous. They range from the boring e.g. mainframe payroll and human resource systems, to the more interesting - developing the operating system for the jet pack worn by NASA astronauts when they buzz around in space.

I have written all types of applications from simple games for kids to complex numerical programs to solve systems of partial differential equations. I've written compilers, assemblers, real time embedded operating systems, developed COM components to implement business rules, n-tier web applications,...

In the end, it is all software and it is what I enjoy doing!

About TheScarms
About TheScarms

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