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Concepts are Still Good...

While much of the code on is now dated, most of the concepts presented are still valid. Over time there have been many changes to the tools (Visual Studio, .Net framework...) used to create code but, under the hood, much of this is just a new wrapper on the underlying Windows API code which has changed surprisingly little. As a result, the majority of the concepts presented on TheScarms are still valid.

.NET Code Version Information

The VB.NET and C# programs and code snippets were tested using .NET 2003 and Version 1.1 of the .NET Framework. Most of this code can be easily converted to newer versions of the .Net framework. Code itself typically works fine but WinForm and ASPX UI stuff may need some manual intervention as things have changed over time.

VB6 Version Information

All of the code samples in TheScarms Classic VB 6.0 area were written in Visual Basic 6 SP3 and were tested on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2K, and are mostly Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible.

Many of the programs reference the Visual Basic 5 version of the Windows Common Controls so they will work under both VB6 and VB5.

VB.NET represents a significant change from VB6. Most of the VB6.0 code will not migrate to VB.NET without manual intervention.

To learn about some of the coding differences between VB.NET and VB6.0 and related migration issues, click here.

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