See if ADO.NET DataSet contents changed using the GetChanges method

You have a DataGrid bound to a DataSet that allows users to add, delete and modify rows. When the form closes you want to know if data was changed so you can prompt the user to save their data (assuming you post back all database changes yourself which is what True programmers do).

You can check for changes using the following code which returns TRUE if any data changed.

    Private Function DataSetChanged(ByVal theDataset As DataSet) As Boolean
        Dim dtChanges As DataTable
        Dim blnDataChanged As Boolean = False
        ' Create a table containing the changed rows.
        dtChanges = theDataset.Tables(0).GetChanges
        ' See if the table contains changed rows.
        If dtChanges Is Nothing Then
            Return False
            ' If rows were added or deleted we have confirmed changes. 
            ' If a value changed confirm it changed. "RowState" will indicate
            ' a change even if the value was reset to its original value
            Dim Row As DataRow
            Dim intColumn As Integer

            For Each Row In dtChanges.Rows
                Select Case Row.RowState
                    Case DataRowState.Added
                        blnDataChanged = True

                    Case DataRowState.Deleted
                        blnDataChanged = True

                    Case DataRowState.Modified
                        For intColumn = 0 To dtChanges.Columns.Count - 1
                            If Row(intColumn, DataRowVersion.Original) <> _
                               Row(intColumn, DataRowVersion.Current) Then

                                blnDataChanged = True
                                Exit For
                            End If
                End Select
                If blnDataChanged Then Exit For
            Return blnDataChanged
        End If
    End Function

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