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What are .NET Assemblies, GACs, Manifests, Config Files, Version Policies?
Learn all about .NET Assemblies, the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), Manifests, Config Files, Version Policies, etc.

Add/Remove Shared Assemblies to/from the GAC.
Use "GacUtil" to add a shared assembly to, or remove it from, the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

Get a WinForm application's path in VB.NET or C#.
Get the path to a WinForm application in VB.NET or C# using the "System.Reflection" namespace and the "Application" object.

Retrieve your .NET app's Assembly Info data.
Retrieve a .NET Application's "Assembly Info" data such as version, company name, title, etc, using the "System.Reflection" namespace.

Retrieve your .NET app's Configuration Settings data.
Retrieve a .NET Application's Configuration Settings (appSettings) data, stored in the App or Web config file, using the "System Configuration" namespace.

Read your .NET app's Common Language Runtime/Framework Version.
CLR info is stored in the application's XML based configuration (.Config) file which you can read by walking its XML DOM.

Edit .NET 2003 solutions with earlier versions of .NET.
Edit a .NET 2003 solution with an earlier version of .NET by changing its "Solution" and "Project" files.

Get your PC's Network Interface Card's MAC Address or Hard Drive Serial Number in VB.NET.
Use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and the .NET System.Management namespace's ManagementObjectSearcher to programmatically get your PC's Network Interface Card's MAC Address or Hard Drive Serial Number.

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