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Derive or subclass a DataGrid or other control in VS.NET.
With .NET you can derive a new control from an existing control and your new control inherits all the features and functionality of the original. You can then subclass your control by adding new properties and methods and override existing methods to alter their behavior.

Add a derived control's icon to the VS.NET Toolbox.
Once you derive a new control you can add its icon to the VS.NET Toolbox.

Change a label's forecolor on mouseovers in VB.NET or C# by swapping the font in the "MouseEnter" and "MouseLeave" events.
Change a label's forecolor on mouseovers.

Create an Irregular shaped Windows Form.
Create an "Irregular", non-rectangular shaped Windows Form using any bitmap image. The bitmap is scanned, a Windows Region is created, then applied to the form.

Move a Windows Form that has no title bar.
Move a Windows Form that has no title bar by creating a new "point" in the "MouseDown" event, determining the current loacation in the "MouseMove" event and moving the form to that location.

Add ProgressBars to .NET StatusBars.
Add a ProgressBar to a .NET StatusBar control by subclassing the StatusBar.

Change the Color of Individual ListBox items.
Change the color of individual ListBox items in .NET by writting your own handler for the listbox's "DrawItem" event. This creates an "Owner Drawn" listbox.

Populate Treeview controls from an XML file.
Populate a Treeview control from an XML file by recursively walking the XML DOM and adding the XML nodes to the treeview control.

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