Encrypt/Decrypt a String

Joseph Sullivan has developed a set of functions which allow you to securely Encrypt and subsequently Decrypt a string.

This functionality is extremely useful when you need to store a value, such as a password, Personal Identification Number (PIN),... and you do not want the actual value to be easily accessible. The algorithm used to encrypt the string is robust and not one that will be easily hacked. Use of these encryption functions for very large strings or for documents is not recommended. You may be better off using a digital signing technique as explained in my example.

Joe's code itself is the best source for a description of how it works. He has thoroughly documented it and used an easy to follow programming style. Besides providing these functions in a ready to use .bas module, he has also wrapped them in a DLL.

Safely Encrypt and Decrypt a string
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Download the source code and press F5 to run the program. Enter a string then press the Encrypt / Decrypt button.

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