Create a Scrollable VB Form

I have been asked a million times: "How do I create a form I can scroll?"   Well here it is. All you need is a scrollbar control and a few lines of code. For a sample of creating a scrollable form and adding controls to is at runtime, see my Dynamically Add Controls sample.

Create a Form that you can Scroll
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Form Code

Create a form with a scrollbar on it.

Copy the following code to the Declarations section of a Form:

   Dim oldPos As Integer

Copy the following code to the Form Load event:

   Private Sub Form_Load()
   Dim iFullFormHeigth As Integer
   Dim iDisplayHeight As Integer
   iFullFormHeigth = 3765
   iDisplayHeight = 1800

   Me.Height = iDisplayHeight
   With VScroll1
      .Height = Me.ScaleHeight
      .Min = 0
      .Max = iFullFormHeigth - iDisplayHeight
      .SmallChange = Screen.TwipsPerPixelY * 10
      .LargeChange = .SmallChange
   End With
   End Sub

Create this procedure:

   Private Sub pScrollForm()
      Dim ctl As Control
      For Each ctl In Me.Controls
         If Not (TypeOf ctl Is VScrollBar) And _
            Not (TypeOf ctl Is CommandButton) Then
             ctl.Top = ctl.Top + oldPos - VScroll1.Value
         End If
      oldPos = VScroll1.Value
   End Sub

Call it from these events:

   Private Sub VScroll1_Change()
      Call pScrollForm
   End Sub
Private Sub VScroll1_Scroll() Call pScrollForm End Sub


Download this project and run it. Click away on the scroll bar.

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