Use Manifests for the Look and Feel of Windows XP

Windows XP has a theme manager that changes the look and feel of most standard windows controls. Microsoft claims older versions of the Comctl32.dll contained support code to maintain different platforms of the Windows OS. The introduction of themes in Windows XP was the reason behind cleaning up the code contained within the comctl32.dll. Now they are maintaining two versions of the same control. The older version (5.8) is backward compatible to all flavors of Windows (XP included) and the newer version (6) is compatible with XP and any future windows platforms.

All programs written under Windows XP default to version 5.8, maintaining the same look and feel of the legacy windows applications. In order to use version 6.0 of the control you must include in your application a Manifest that the OS reads in order for the theme manager to take control of drawing the new look and feel for the Windows XP environment.

The manifest is an XML document that must be included with your executable. The XML document allows Windows XP to decide which version of comctl32.dll to use.

This sample creates the XML Manifest when it is first run. Then the application restarts itself so Windows reads the manifest information. You must have version 6 of comctl32.dll installed on your system.

Use Manifest files in your app to get the new look and feel of Windows XP.
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