VB 6.0 - Sub-Classing Samples

Sub-Class Your Form to Intercept Window's Messages
Hook into the Window's message stream. Trap messages and react to or ignore events not normally available in Visual Basic. Learn the difference between subclassing and setting hooks.

Sub-Classing TextBox Controls
Stop adding the same code over again to all your textboxes. Subclass the textbox and use Multicasting to create a textbox object that consolidates your code into one location. Then create as many instances of the textbox object as needed. All will inherit the same behavior.

Sub-Class Textbox & Combobox Controls
Learn how to replace the context menu that is displayed when you right click on a textbox with your own popup menu.

Numeric/Uppercase TextBox with Undo Capabilities
Subclass TextBoxes so they only accept characters 0 through 9 or Uppercase letters. Add Undo capabilities to textboxes relieving you of the need to detect and track changes.

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