.NET Debugging and Error Handling Related...

Debug runtime code via the Trace class with EventLog and TraceLog listeners.
"Debug" and "Trace" in the .NET Framework's "System.Diagnostics" namespace help you find bugs at design and run time. Debug lets you display a variable's content and debug messages at design time. Trace traces application information at run time.

Get the name of the currently executing method.
.NET's "StackFrame, "StackTrace" and "MethodBase" clases from the "System.Diagnostic" and "System.Reflection" namespaces allow you to dynamically retrieve the name and characteristics of the currently executing method in your application.

How to handle unhandled exceptions in VB.NET.
In VB.NET you can catch all unhandled exceptions, when no Try-Catch block is used, using the Application Domain object where your application executes.

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