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Prevent multiple instances of a Windows Form application.
Create "singleton" applications to prevent multiple instances of your WinForm program using the "GetCurrentProcess" method in the "System Diagnostics" namespace.

Display Window's Page Setup Dialog using the PageSetupDialog object.
Display Window's standard "Page Setup Dialog" using the "PageSetupDialog" object. The PageSetupDialog object lets you set features like paper orientation, printer selection, etc.

Use AddHandler/Delegates to add/remove event handlers dynamically.
.NET lets you add and remove "Event Handlers" dynamically. You can start and stop handling events at any time during program execution. VB.NET provides the "AddHandler" and "RemoveHandler" commands. In C# you do this with "delegates".

Define your own Event Arguments when using Delegates.
Define and pass your own "Event Arguments", derived from the "System.EventArgs" namespace, when using "Delegates".

Localize Web Pages Using .NET.
Localize Web Forms Pages so their text appears in the language the end user utilizing to view your application. Resource Files are used to hold the text to display.

Using .NET ArrayLists and Hashtables.
"ArrayLists" are similar to arrays but with the ability to grow. "HashTables" or "dictionaries", let you store any type of object in key/value pairs.

Using .NET NameValueCollections.
"NameValueCollections" are a specialized type of collection in .NET that are similar "HashTables" or "dictionaries" but which let you store multiple string values for a single key.

Enumerate through the values of an ENUM in VB.NET
Programmatically enumerate or loop through the values of an ENUM in VB.NET.

How and why to Serialize objects in VB.NET.
In .NET you can Serialize objects, store them in a file, retrieve them and use them as if they were in memory the whole time.

Launch and monitor external programs from .NET.
Launch and monitor external programs from .NET. Similar to VB's Shell command and the "WaitForSingleItem" API but with the "Process" class in NET's System Diagnostics namespace.

Use multi-threading in .NET applications.
Use multi-threading in .NET applications to spawn worker threads to keep your app responsive.

Late Bind COM Component with VB.NET.
In VB6 you used "CreateObject" to late bind to a COM Components. In VB.NET you use "Activator CreateInstance".

Create a Windows Service using .NET.
Create a Windows Service using .NET. Services are processes that run unattended and don't have a user interface. Windows Services can start when the operating system boots and other applications can interact with them.

Dynamically type in, compile, and execute VB.NET source code!
Read in uncompiled VB.NET source code from a file at runtime, compile it, and then execute it.

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