VB 6.0 - Miscellaneous Samples

E-Mail Enable Apps With MAPI
Using MAPI (Messaging API) you can send e-mail that includes file attachments from your application.

Create a Macro Processor to Interpret Source Code
Expose Your App's Object Model with the Script Control

Create and execute VB statements at run time. Read a complete procedure from a database and have your program run it. Let users call the methods of the objects used in your application. The Microsoft Script Control behaves as a macro engine allowing you to add and execute VBScript or JavaScript commands at run time and make your application scriptable.

String Functions, Assign Arrays, Dynamic Control Addition,
Validate/CausesValidation, Call by Name

Learn about the Join, Split, StrReverse, InStrRev, Replace, Filter functions, Array Assignment, Call by Name and the Validate event and CausesValidation property.

Encrypt and Decrypt Strings
Encrypt strings and prevent others from determining their contents. Usefull when storing passwords, PINs and other sensitive information.

OLE Automation Error Messages
Retrieve the error text associated with OLE Automation errors such as error -214741809. A must when developing ActiveX components.

Calculate Month End and Quarter End Dates
This class module lets you to calculate the current or next month end and quarter end dates taking into account leap years.

Perform Binary Searches on Arrays and Files
Learn how to perform the faster of all searches - the binary search.

Create a Web Report From Your Data.
My ready to use class module allows you to display the data in your recordset in a web browser by wrapping it with the appropriate HTML tags.

Perform Serial Port I/O
Here is a module containing a collection of routines to perform serial port I/O without using the Microsoft Comm Control component.

Get your PC's Network Interface Card's MAC Address.
A MAC Address is a unique 48 bit number assigned to each Network Interface Card (NIC) by its manufacturer. This sample shows how to get your computer's MAC Address in VB6 with the help of a number of Windows APIs.

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