VB 6.0 - Multi-Media Related Samples

Play Wave Files and Adjust Their Volume
Open and Close the CD Tray

Play Wave (.wav) files and adjust the waveout volume. Open and close the CD tray programmatically.

Create and Play Wave Files
Create your own Wave (.wav) files. Save them to disk or retain them in memory and play them back.

A Skinnable MP3 Player
Play MP3 files using Windows Media Player and a skinnable form.

Create Transparent Bitmaps
Create a bitmap with a transparent background using memory Device Contexts and various GDI functions.

Animated Sprites
Animated Sprites are continually changing pictures, possibly with irregular shapes, that can be moved in all directions on the desktop allowing the desktop to show through their background.

Create and Edit Images With This Full Featured Paint Application
This application lets you create or enhance images much as you would in Microsoft's Paint program. It has a wealth of drawing and color editing tools, screen capture capabilities, twain support, and wide variety of color filters and special effects.

Connect 4 Game
This is the classic Connect 4 game with ten levels of play.

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